PRCCSF Management Participated in “3rd Acharaka Congress” organized by BZT Academy, Turkey

On 12th March 2023, PRCCSF management participated in the online “3rd Acharaka Congress on social, health and life sciences”. The congress was organized by BZT Academy, Turkey and successfully managed by Dr. Baha Ahmet Yilmaz, CEO, BZT Academy. A large number of international speakers from all around the world participated in the online congress. Global scholars shared their innovative researchers on different topics.
Ms. Maryam Raza, Deputy Director, PRCCSF participated as a speaker in the congress and also moderated the session. She presented her analysis on “Non-traditional Security Challenges & Solutions: Thinking Beyond the Horizon”. She stated that post-cold war security perspective shifted the focus from a traditional realistic state-centric to one where individual security is prioritized. She highlighted that climate change and global warming have jeopardized human security vis-à-vis giving rise to many Non-conventional security threats. She also presented solutions to counter these challenges under a regional framework.
Ms. Hafsa Akram, Research Assistant, PRCCSF also participated as a speaker in the congress She discussed about “Digital Diplomacy and its challenges ahead”. She described importance of digital diplomacy and its usage by governments and media in this era. She also highlighted challenges associated with digitalization and presented way forward to counter such threats.