Internship Opportunities

Applications for Internship Program are being Accepted Now

Please note that only those with a background in Political Science or International Relations can apply. Short listed candidates will be called for an Interview.

Internships Opportunities: (Physical/Online):

Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future, jointly established with Communication University of China (CUC), Beijing, China encourages young volunteer researchers to join as interns.
Please send your CV at


A candidate with a degree in Social Sciences or International Relations will be eligible for induction as an intern.

Internship Period:

An intern will be required to remain with PRCCSF for a minimum period of 16 weeks.

Responsibilities as Interns:

During an intern’s stay with PRCCSF, he/she will be required to produce analytical papers, research papers and papers related to any particular project.
Research topics will be selected by the intern in consultation with the Research Coordinator.
Interns may be required to assist in organizing, conferences, workshops etc.


Interns are not paid any salary. They may, however, be eligible to receive a fixed stipend.
Depending on an intern’s performance during the internship period he/she may be offered a fully paid job at PRCCSF.