Mr. Khalid Taimur Akram meeting with the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar (SI), Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

On 29 May 2023, Mr. Khalid Taimur Akram, Executive Director, Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future, visited Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, and had a meeting with Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar (SI), Vice Chancellor, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.
During the meeting, the worthy Vice Chancellor acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of PRCCSF to promote regional connectivity and integration.
Mr. Khalid Taimur Akram acknowledged the efforts of Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar's (SI) commitment to academic excellence, providing high-quality education and opportunities for students to foster innovation, secure academic environment and research advancement.
It was also decided that the Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad, and PRCCSF will collaborate on multiple academic projects and joint research initiatives to promote mutual interests.